Goście o Łodzi i Polsce

Adriana Zimbru from Romania. 03.08.2012 :
The time spent in Poland went by very fast for me, but I think I can say that I took advantage of it quite well. It was, however, influenced by the great company I had at my pharmacy. Open people, kind and sharing, who treated me as an equal is what I can say about the pharmacists at “Pod Sloncem”. They taught me much and are doing a great thing for students around the world.
My fellow students here in Lodz treated me kindly and I can say I was well taken care of mainly thanks to our great ….. Olga.
Don’t forget: keep calm and keep smiling ;)

Busra Cakir 21.07.2012 :
I want to say first of all I was so glad to be in Lodz and Poland. Because I met a lot of friends especially in dormitory. While I was at dorm I had always good times I learned about new cultures with them. I tasted different traditional food.
And pharmacy

At first I didn’t like my pharmacy because I was only counting and the girls who are working in the pharmacy couldn’t speak English except for two peopleJ But then I used to my pharmacy and workers. I learned a lot of things from pharmacy. Especially internet pharmacy. I want to try to do it in my country. And also I am interested in cosmetics and my pharmacy had a lot of cosmetics so I was lucky about that and I did shopping of course.
At the end of it was good experience for me. And I learned a bit PolishJ I hope I won’t forget. I will miss my friends and Lodz. Thank you for everything.

Cagla Begun Apaydin :
This practice was an experience, I will never forget in my life. I like my pharmacy. My pharmacist is a very good person. Also the other workers help me a lot.
I learned a lot about medicaments and dietary supplements popular in Poland. I prepared in the laboratory medicines ordered by doctors in prescriptions for individual patients.
I learned your culture and history. It was amazing.
I’m so happy to meet people others countries. I really love them. We had a good time together. I miss them so much.
In spite of everything I had a good time with you. Also I use to Lodz. Thank you for everything.

Dimitar Milinich. 05.08.2012 :
And so, I am sitting here maybe an hour before I leave the dorm. Really I spent an unforgettable time in Łódź.
To start from the very beginning, I was amazed by the dormitory, really it has everything that students need, just fantastic.
About my practice, people there were understanding that I am a foreign student and I think that they really did the best to explain to me the Polish pharmaceutical system. The work was sometimes much, sometimes – not but I am delighted by that experience. And yes – the SEP team was very joyful and they did all their best to think out entertaining programs and of course parties.
For me the cultural exchange between people from different countries and religions was of a great use and experience. I will never forget that SEP in Łodź gave me the opportunity to get to know other lifestyles and traditions.
For a conclusion I want to say one big Na zdrowie to everyone. Really I will miss you!

Julie Karim 26.08.2012 :
Dear my friends,
At first before I came to Poland I couldn’t understand how people from different cultures could get along with each other but now I do know, I know that I’ve met the most wonderful people here in Poland.
You are my family now, I spent with you the most amazing days in my life.
I won’t ever regret this trip. As for my pharmacy, it was from the most beautiful old pharmacies I’ve ever seen, it was a great experience to practice in such place.
I will never forget the dorms, our neighbor (the most perfect one;)) Rui. The streets, the mall and you guys: Kasia, Tomasz, Asia, Olga and Ola and also the people we met in Poznan, Warsaw and Krakow.
Thank you for everything, thank you for being always here for me and for all of us.
Today is my last day in Łódź and I don’t want to leaveJ  I want to stay here as long as I can. Hope to see you again as soon as possible.

Made Nitia Pastini, Łódź, 02-08-2012 :
First thing came up from my mind after I arrived in Poland was: “Why didn’t they smile?”, since so many people looked so serious everywhere:P, but now I know, once we become friend, you all will smile without hesitate, won’t you?
In Łódź, I had great times in university with my colleagues (and sometimes with my compounds -_-). Thanks to them, I’ve never been hungry at weekend in Poland (good cakes, good fruits, yummy^^). I also feel sorry for them because I didn’t use their gift so much (Polish isn’t easy anyway).
I spent great times too in dormitory, with such good and funny friends. They make me realize that I need to learn more languages, especially when they personally spoke with me in their languages:P, and also need to learn how to cook better. I also enjoyed our discussion. It’s nice to learn new history and cultures.
Beside happy moments, I also feel clash of cultures. We all have different mind-set and habits. Maybe the matter is how to build the bridge between that, so that differences won’t be burdensome for all. I hope you all look at this as a chance to be better, not for negative purpose.
Thanks for all this memorable moments. I think I will miss Poland’s old buildings, pigeons, dogs, and of course all the people I met here. I hope we could still be friends in the future.
Warm regards.

Mahmoud Kassem 31.07.2012 :
At first thanks a lot for all people who let me to come here and people who helped me all the timeJ And I want to thank a lot to the apteka which accepted me to take training here, it was honor for me to take in this pharmacy.
After that I want to say few words about the time I spent in the pharmacy, I liked my pharmacy and the people who I have found there because they were as my family, and my supervisor who is a very nice woman and she was very kind with me. The time I have spent in the pharmacy was may be the best experience that I had in Poland.
Poland is a country which has a lot of beautiful places that are better than the museum that we went to it. And I’m disappointed because I did not have the chance to visit them all.
Finally, I want to say something that may be beneficial for SEP. So why not to make in your programme some of time for all student who come here from different countries to set together with the guardians to speak together to do some cultural exchange, not only meeting together in the weekends to go somewhere.
Maybe this will be better for all the student who want to take some experience from SEP ;)
At the end, I want to say that I’m very happy to know people from different countries and different places and thanks a lot.

Mara Constantinescu, 03.08. 2012 :
I really appreciate the effort of all the people involved in SEP, I felt all the time taken care of. Unfortunately my practice was not so good, rather boring and unorganized. But Olga was a sweetheart, I enjoyed her the most!
All the best

Salma Ahmed Rabie, 30-07-2012
First, I was very happy for coming to Poland. Now I had a lot of experience, I saw a lot of people from different cultures. I learned something new, dealed with different people.
And about my training, I am very happy to have a training in this University “Medical University of Łódź”. People in the university are very kind, I love my professor and my supervisor, I hope to see them again.
I wish that this Organization has a lot of people like Gosia Girek. She was the most helpful one to me. Finally, I will miss my friends, I hope to meet them again.

Sara Moustafa, 24-08-2012 :
Hi all,
2 days before I came here to Poland, I thought what was I doing really. I’m packing and going away, leaving my family and fiancé behind in Ramadan. I really felt sorry for myself. Right now I look back on this and laugh, because here I found Family and made amazing friendships. It’s hard to explain how students feel in SEP. You have to be there to understand this feeling. I really love everyone I met here; especially my amazing neighbor and friend RUI SOBRAL I will really miss you. I’ll miss this city, the streets and the mall!!!
My experience here was really enriching and life changing. I don’t hink I’m the same person anymore nor I will ever forget these days, as they were really some of the best days in my life.
Here I really felt at home. My pharmacy was a little boring I think but I think these programmes are about people. Exchanging ideas and even discussions. I’ll miss our weekends and all the interesting people we met. Every weekend had something special….
Tommorrow we are going to Krakow for the last weekend. I’m really excited…
I would really like to thank all those people who took really good care of me….;)
Thanks Tomasz, Kasia, Olga, Asia.
I will really miss you all. Hope to see you soon in Egypt. Remember you have to come to Alexandria. See you soon!

Rui, Poland – Łódź :
Hello my friends!
This will be my last night in Poland, here at Tomek’s place. I’m trying to figure out the plethora of fuc*in’ great moments I spent here in Poland but I won’t find out the words, so I really hope that by the time you’ll be reading this, you notice that what I’m writing down in this piece of paper does not fully (not even close) represents the amazing time I spent here with you all!
This last month was quite an unforgettable experience for me, but starting by the beginning…
Well the beginning, one month ago, yet almost yesterday I arrived to my amazing dorms and I typed on facebook “who’s here?” and of course few minutes later Dimitar knocked at my room’s door and said “Na zdrowie!: with 2 beers and by the moment I remember to think: “Rui, welcome to Poland!” I was so happy, but unfortunately those were his last hours here in Poland, I wish I could have known him better…
Next day I met my lovely friend Kasia! I’ll miss you soooo much!!! My mummy ^^That moment was the one that led me to this astonishing adventure in Poland! After that I met my fantastic neighbor Julie Karim, (my temporary fiancé:P) she was so sleepy and so shy by the moment and it didn’t take a long time to meet Sara Moustafa (my ‘’Chatting all the night” friend!). About them girls with whom I spent 3 weeks 24h/7 I can only say THANK YOU!, the BEST Egyptian girls I ever met, my sisters, forever!
As I sais meeting Kasia allowed me to meet my best friend and brother Tomek! Tomasz you did more for me this last month than what I think I will ever be able to do to you in my life, just as Kasia! But unfortunately Kasia was working during day, still she was able to be with me more than the time she could, she was just splendid, PERFECT!:)
Tomasz you didn’t even had any king of obligation to us, you were just a Kasia’s friend… Still from the first minute you took care of us as anyone could do. With you, and Kasia and Maciek I visited many, many interesting places (oh god I envy your historical and cultural knowledge), I learnt the basics of Polish: “Na zdrowie”, “Papierosa”, “wódka”, “piwo”… We went to Poznań, Warsaw, Krakow and to ŁAZY CAMPUS! C’mon you even offered me a place to sleep (oh and your mother’s food is so delicious! Please thank her again, instead of me for all, again!
So as I said I love the time I spent here in Łódź, in my Pharmacy, Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków, Łazy, but especially the time I spent with you ALL!!!
I still have to mention one guy more, MACIEK! I loved you my FRIEND! I think you’re my polish version, like Tomasz says “just Maciek being Maciek..” Ahahah, you’re amazing! We had a great time together! Thank you for everything!!!
Now it’s time to say goodbye thank you Dimitar, Ola, Olga, Mina, Dulce, Jelena, Andreia, Cristiana, Francisca, Daniela, Sebastian, Dennis, Łukasz Martha, people from Łazy and everyone I can’t remember the name.
SPECIAL THANKS to Kasia, Tomek, Maciek, Sara and Julie, see you next year in Portugal, you will always be in my mind!
Thank you Łódź, Thank you Poland, NA ZDROWIE!