Węgry – opinia Mileny

When I first heard about SEP I was so excited. It was one of the reasons why I joined ’Young Pharmacy’, which is combine to IPSF in Poland. I wanted to get some new work experience and meet interesting people from whole over the world. That’s why I was very happy when I got status placed in Hungary. Soon my dream was about to come true.
I choose Hungary for view different reasons. First of all it was one of the very few countries that accepted more than one person from the same country and even from the same city. I really want to go for SEP with two of my friends and more countries didn’t want to take all three of us. Second thing was that I heard that we will live in a dormitory full of Hungarian and foreign students, so it will be great opportunity to meet other people from every part of world. The last but not least was that Hungary is close to Poland and our two nations really likes each other. We even have this very common proverb, which exist in both, either Polish and Hungarian language. It says that Polish and Hungarian are like two brothers; they can fight together and also drink wine together.
That’s why it was the biggest surprise for me when we arrived to the bus station at 22.00 o’clock and the girl that supposed to pick us up didn’t show at all. After one hour waiting we decided to take a cab to the dormitory and then the horror begun… First week was awful, nobody take care of us, we didn’t get internet access and don’t get me even start to talk about conditions in a dormitory. First impression was horrible. But after we cleaned up our room, we met very nice Hungarian students that help us a lot and somehow we survived first week. Than miracle happened . To the dormitory came Gergely Farkashinsky who is SEO and everything started to look brighter. He lived and studied in Debrecen, so he couldn’t be in Budapest earlier. But it is amazing how he, with the help of several people, that are not even from HUPSA (his girlfriend Kinga and pharmacy student Gabor), could manage to organized everything. They took us to sightseeing Budapest, they come with us to the 4-days trip around Hungary, and they party with us in the evening. Every day after practice we had full with something fun and exciting. Thanks to them and to the very nice non-pharmaceutical Hungarian students it was the best month ever. If somebody give me a chance to decide once again where I want to go to SEP I would say HUNGARY . I also met amazing people from different countries: Turkey, Spain, Taiwan, America, Egypt and most of all Hungary. I know that I will keep in touch with some of them and that we will visit each other.
Now few words about practice because party and free time was amazing but work was also very important part of this exchange . Here in Hungary everything was great in this area. Everybody could go to the work place that want to. We have plenty possibilities. We could pick between community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, and university studies. If someone couldn’t decide, then we can check every area and change it every week. We also had two tours; one was in the hospital laboratory and the other one in very modern oncology hospital. We also visit Pharmacy Department on University in Debrecen and whole campus near it. I personally spend most of time in community pharmacy. It was great experience to see how it works in Hungary. It was small but very modern Pharmacy and everybody was very nice for me there. I familiarized myself with medicines and also make some recipe drugs. I also have couple of lectures about how pharmacy worked in Hungary. So I could see differences with Poland. The most interesting for me was that every new open pharmacy has to belong at least in 51% to the pharmacists since 2011. And already open now have to make this change till 2017. It’s very controversial law, which has its supporters and opponents.
To sum up, if anybody consider Hungary as SEP country I can really recommend this choice. It was hard at the very beginning but in the end I didn’t want go back home. I had great time in Budapest, I made a lot of new and valuable friendships and I learn a lot. It was really thanks to view persons, but it was enough. I want thank you guys a lot, I love you all and hope I will see you soon!


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