Goście o Łodzi i Polsce

I went to Lodz last july and it was one of the best experiences ever in my life. I was terrified to be alone in a new city, a new country with no idea about the language. However, I met many people from the whole world, especially Polish ones, who are really kind and friendly. In fact, I keep on touch with some of them. They really got into my heart and gave me very good moments and memories. I really enjoyed that time. Moreover, they helped me and backed me up in everything. I had no problem. There was someone taking care of me. About the language, well…. if you dont speak Polish… you are not going to learn it in a month. It’s the most difficult language I’ve ever heard. But you wont have problems because many young people can speak English very well. Even though, Polish people tried to teach me some ”easy” words (even they werent). About Lodz… well, it’s not very touristic place but there are little corners that nobody should lose the chance to see. I also went to Cracow for a weekend. It is a really interesting place, beautiful and lively. And I said ” do widzenia” (goodby in Polish) to Poland going to Warsaw. Incredible city, really. The weather for me was completely unexpected. Not good for being summer 10-15ºC, but I’m from Spain, it’s hot there, so what do you expect me to say? Another important thing was my job in the pharmacy. In Poland, they are different than in Spain and it was a great thing. My mates at work were the most. They tried to teach me their best and I’ll always appreciate it. I will never forget them. And what I really love was how cheap Poland is!! IT’S AWESOME… i felt like rich.

Chong Mei:
2-weeks being in Lodz is one of my greatest experiences in life. Even though it is a short one, it is a very fruitful trip to me. I was touched by the hospitality of the people there. People from Young Pharmacy were working hard to make sure I have a wonderful stay in Lodz. I never felt bored there. There were a lot of interesting activities everyday! We had party, guided sightseeing, visiting to other town – Krakow. We did things together – shopping, bowling, cultural sharing and many more. It really broaden my horizon as I was given a chance to experience the different pharmacy practices in Western countries. Lastly, I would like to express my greatest thanks to Young Pharmacy for giving me a chance to explore the beautiful country and equipped myself with valuable experiences.

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